Originally written by: Paul Lederman

In these modern times, humans have many new and unique ways of stressing themselves out such as traffic, cell phones, deadlines, noise pollution, depression, war, etc.    We are under constant blitzkrieg. Basically, we are not prepared to deal with this new modern type of every day stress.  So as a result, many people unknowingly turn to food as an outlet.  They are essentially self medicating using food.  Many people become static on their sofas at night while receiving subliminal programming from their TV sets, which tell you to eat, eat and eat.  This is extremely harmful and counter productive.

Stress needs to be dealt with properly by utilizing well known stress reducing techniques, such as exercise, meditation, yoga, proper rest and breathing exercises.  A lot of the time much of the stress people experience is even self inflicted.

As far as diet for an outlet to stress, this is a much simpler lifestyle change than you think and it can begin right away.  This will take personal motivation and you must learn how to set goals for yourself.  Below are some simple tips.

- Eat before you become hungry
- Snack on healthy foods (carrots, celery, fruit, nuts)
- Stay on a schedule (try to eat meals at the same time each day)
- Take a 20 minute walk each night after dinner
- Eat Whole Grains (Whole What breads and brown rice)
- Avoid sugar
- Drink plenty of purified water
- Exercise daily