My book, Addict America: The Lost Connection, took me almost five years to write and the messages it contains are by no means original. I talk about Connection – between individuals, communities, and all life – and how our fears prevent us from experiencing the joy and fulfillment of Connection.

The Kaballah, the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and countless others have all taught us about Connection. I subscribe to newsletters from Abraham-Hicks, Yehuda Berg, and Andrew Cohen of EnlightenNext and all of their messages are about Connection.

There are many ways to manifest Connection and they all come down to two themes:
love and forgiveness
do not fear

What my book does is describe how the Caveman Brain (limbic system) develops fears of being inadequate, worthless, or unlovable and then uses addictive thinking and behavior to escape the pain of being alone – disconnected. It is when our Enlightened Brain (prefrontal cortex) becomes aware of this process and makes a conscious decision to spiritually evolve that we can let go our fears and experience true intimacy and Connection.

Much is written about how to get what you want – money, success, a romantic partner – but what do we really want? What can we really do with money? How do we define success? What emptiness will having a partner really fill?

What it all comes down to is the desire to be Connected and the fear of being alone. We think that money will buy security and certainly it buys distractions so we don't have to face our emptiness. If we define success as making a lot of money, having high status in our jobs, or having a lot of possessions, then we will be doomed to failure because there will never be enough of those things to fill our spiritual loneliness.

Today, let your spirit reach out in faith that you are not alone. Give the gift of a smile, hear someone's story, thank your friends for their love, and know that you are never alone. You are loved.

Be In Light